Nahla Abdallah
May 2019
GI Services
Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center
United States




I came in for my procedure nervous and scared about what I was going to go through. I didn't know what to expect. Then the doctor arrived and described the three conditions under which he performed this procedure and that all three conditions applied to me. He explained the circumstances which may require him to perform emergency surgery. I realized I wouldn't know until I awoke if things went well or required emergency surgery. My heart sank into my stomach. I looked over at my husband and could see on his face he felt some of the fear I was feeling. There were two sources of comfort easing the worry that enveloped me.
One came from my husband, holding my hand by my side. The other came from my nurse, Nahla. She went about her tasks, her routine, as though everything would be okay. She smiled, complimenting my "beautiful veins" that made it easier for her to put in my I.V. She asked if I wanted a warm blanket. She spoke calmly and soothingly to provide comfort and put me at ease. I know she has a life outside her job, but I saw no evidence that any of that mattered. Her manner and her actions were focused on me and my comfort and the job she had to do to prepare me for my procedure. Her energy was calm and positive in order to put me more at ease. There was not any action or outside conversation that distracted her from her purpose. She was entirely focused on her tasks and on me to prepare me for this procedure.
After the procedure, Nahla provided me with everything I would need for my discharge and my recovery. She engaged my husband and me in casual conversation and was genuinely interested in our time working at Disney World. It was a warm and comforting experience. Nahla exemplified the role a nurse plays in the care of her patients. She provided excellent care and comfort and was entirely focused on my needs as she performed her job caring for her patient. I am truly grateful for nurses like her.