October 2021
Al Dajaa
King Fahad Specialist Hospital Dammam
Eastern Province
Saudi Arabia




Nahla gathered some help from her connections, colleagues, friends, and even family to settle all the issues I am facing.
I acknowledge the exemplary works and the extraordinary behavior of my Manager Miss Nahla al Dajaa, who always leads me every step of the way, very supportive, helpful, and generous. She has been assigned as Head of CSSD, became Acting Surgical Director and Manager in the OR. She never neglected her duties and responsibilities. She creates an environment where attributes of trust, compassion, respect, great dedication, professionalism, and ethical behavior are modeled.

I am where I am because of her guidance. She deserves all the happiness in life. I personally witnessed her enthusiasm. Being a nurse is one of the tough jobs but having a Manager who continues to motivate me and is willing to teach me makes me stronger and to believe in myself that I can make it and wanted to do more. With the support of my manager who encouraged me to keep learning, I started to become more educated in my field, mentally and even physically. My Manager continues to inspire me, encourage and not get tired to uplift me to follow my dreams. Because of that, I have become stronger and passionate in everything that I do.

My Manager has witnessed my struggles with my family. I have been worrying a lot, crying and asking for help, and in pain. Those times that I was worried, anxious, and fearful, thinking that I might end up sending my family home. Despite the difficult times, I continue to be amazed by the outpouring of love and support from my Manager Nahla. She always remains optimistic that I will continue to fight every challenge in life and always motivates me to look forward to better days ahead. She came to me with positivity during a worrisome time, helping me to see the light during that dark moment.

I was overwhelmed and cannot even concentrate on my decisions and even on my work. But, she came up with great ideas, for me to see the solutions to my struggles. Because of my Manager, she gave all her might to help me fix the problem. She gathered some help from her connections, colleagues, friends, and even family to settle all the issues I am facing. Because of all the efforts that my manager did, I was able to save my husband's deportation. She solved every bit of my problems emotionally, physically, mentally, and even financially with a caring heart and faithful soul. She truly helped me every step of the way and saved my family. I can say that my manager is an Angel in disguise; someone who listens, understands, and doesn’t dismiss us nor judge us. Through those days, I managed to keep my family intact and proud to say that, we still stay together as one family here in Saudia Arabia.

Even though she has a lot of responsibilities, she never missed a day not to follow-up with me. I am very touched by her kindness that I will never forget. It's amazing how she can do extraordinary things helping with all her might. I felt not left behind reaching one by one and understanding my situations. How great is to have a manager who cares and values us. Who always opens her arms and heart to each one of us. She is a silver lining in the workforce and a medical front liner whose behavior should be emulated by all of us. I am so incredibly grateful for everything she did for me and even for my family. The level of support she gave me is eternally championing.