Nora Abouzeid
July 2016
Post Anesthesia Care Unit
Huntington Hospital
United States




When my husband was admitted to Huntington Hospital for surgery, we were both very nervous. The surgery itself was not a complicated one, but he has certain medical conditions that were of concern and required vigilant attention. We were confident of the surgeon's skills, but also very scared and apprehensive about it besides.
My husband and I are so glad and thankful to say that Huntington Hospital provided us with a very positive experience. From the moment we arrived in the admitting room to the moment we left to go home, we met with amazing individuals who treated us with kindness and concern.
Our nurse Nora made a huge difference. Though her job is to assist patients post-surgery, she came to meet us in our pre-op room. Immediately, she listened to our fears and concerns. With understanding and compassion, she reassured us about the medical staff that was going to be involved with the surgery. She told us that the surgical staff was going to be the best in their field. She was going to be there and she will personally assist my husband win his post-op recovery needs.Her words and demeanor were so reassuring that we began to relax with our apprehensions and felt that my husband was going to be in good hands.
Nora stayed in touch with me by cell phone, letting me know he was proceeding well. Unexpectedly, she even came to see me in the waiting room to further reassure me that he was awake and doing well. The staff was preparing my husband to be transported to a regular hospital room. Then, again, because she saw that I was confused to where my husband's room was going to be, she walked me there during her break time.
When I thanked Nora over and over because I didn't know how else to express my gratitude, she simply and humbly replied,"I am just doing my job!" We believe Nora did more than her job that day. In our opinion, Nora went above her duties to be of service to us. She attended to our entire physical, emotional, and psychological needs. Her kindness in dealing with us made all the difference in the world. She became our priceless blessing.