Olivia Acquah
May 2019
Long Term Care
Beaumont Health Nursing & Rehabilitation Services - Farmington Hills
Farmington Hills
United States




When Mr. S was moved to the 2nd floor, his son had no idea what to expect. Then he met Olivia and she immediately began making him feel better about the care that his dad was going to receive. Dietary brought him a solid food tray when he was on puree only. Olivia reached out to get his food restrictions taken care of and to get him a meal ASAP.
Staff was unsure about Mr. S's mobility and Olivia was able to get him back in his wheelchair to prevent a fall until therapy could determine his mobility and notify staff if he was able to use a walker or wheelchair. She spoke directly to Mr. S to explain to him why it was important for him to use his wheelchair until therapy could assess. He listened and was open to do as she asked.
Mr. S's son stated the difference between a good medical caregiver and a great medical caregiver is someone who can not only take great care of the needs of a resident but who can also take great care of the needs of the resident's loved ones. Having a caregiver like Olivia who takes great care of my dad and helps to soothe my sometimes-frazzled nerves and calm my stress level makes life a little less stressed. And knowing that she is taking care of my dad makes me smile, assures me that my dad is well taken care of and puts a warm glow in my heart. She is someone who cares about the people around her and she truly makes me feel that everything is ok, and I feel safe knowing that she is there to take care of my dad. Beaumont Commons has many fine employees and should be proud to have someone of her caliber on staff. She is a great example and is one of many staff at Beaumont Commons that work hard to take care of the residents.
The one thing about Olivia I like is she seems to be so helpful as a nurse to me. She does her job so well. Doesn't forget your needs. Never forgets to make sure I am comfortable. Will go all the way to be helpful in all ways. Her job seems to be her thought. She does not seem to play favorites. Works harder. Very friendly. Goes a mile a minute. Helps in all ways. Very seldom is she absent from her job.
Olivia is a great nurse on top of her game. Stays over when short. She helps her in a time of need teachers, aides, teamwork, and not to mention she continues her education and still works hard.