Olu Abiara
January 2019
5 West NICU Stepdown
Medical City Fort Worth
Fort Worth
United States




I would like to formally commend a nurse on 5W, Olu. Last night her tenacity for patient care and careful attention to detail on physical examination single-handedly saved one of my patient's lives.
Long story short a post-stroke patient, the sign off given from day nurse of "waxing and waning" mental status. Olu examined the patient and immediately noted that something was wrong even for such an inconsistent mental status. She called me to come to evaluate the patient. He was rushed to CT showing a massive intraparenchymal brain bleed with midline shift and herniation. She promptly notified me when the radiologist called with the critical news and was paramount in monitoring the patient in the in-between time. Within the half-hour, the patient was in NICU intubated.
She made this transition near seamless with prompt and effective handoffs to the critical care nurses/anesthesia/myself. Because of Olu this patient has a much higher chance of recovery, without her keen nursing intuition and excellent physical examination skills, this patient surely would have coded last night and been in a much more dire situation. She was not willing to take what was handed off to her as fact and appropriately made her own opinion using higher order reasoning and attention to detail that I rarely see. She is an excellent nurse and a champion of patient care. She makes everyone on the healthcare team surrounding her better.