Omaima Abu Salem
December 2015
Abu Salem
Cancer Center
King Hussein Cancer Center




Omaima Abu Salem has done us a favor that I will never forget.
My mother was at the center all by herself for a regular check up at the outpatient clinic, Omaima helped my mother to go to the restroom and she helped her clean up, she bought her a meal after my mother told her she was hungry. At that time, unfortunately, I couldn't be with my mother at the center, because my two kids had chickenpox, and all of my brothers are living abroad in UAE, we couldn't find anybody to accompany her at that time.
My mother told me that Omaima had helped her as if she was her own daughter, even though she wasn't obliged to. After my beloved mother passed away, I came to the center and brought her a gift in appreciation of what she has done and the help she gave to my mother, but she completely refused accepting the gift and told me "Just keep me in your prayers".
With my utmost gratitude, I will.