Pamela Abraham
July 2017
Wound Ostomy Nursing
Children's Hospital Colorado
United States




Pam is a fantastic nurse. She has a way of connecting with our patients and families, even some of the difficult ones, in a way that can only be described as a gift. She is loving, caring, and so personable.
We have a family that had a son who was very ill. He lived in our NICU for months and had an ostomy and fistula that was quite complex and difficult to manage, causing frequent leaking of stool onto his skin. Pam would check on him daily to ensure his ostomy care was taken care of well and take extra time to make sure the family, nursing staff, etc. knew how to appropriately manage his ostomy care. She identified a product that would work well to protect his very broken down skin, however, we did not carry this product in the hospital. Instead of giving up there, she took appropriate steps to work with Materials Management and bring the product in for this patient. Once home, the family had trouble obtaining the most optimal ostomy supplies for their son due to insurance constraints. Many nurses would have simply said, "I'm sorry your insurance doesn't cover those" but instead, Pam took it upon herself to call their home supply company and the ostomy vendor directly, multiple times, to ensure their needs were met. This is just a small example of how Pam functions on a day to day basis. She always goes the extra mile for our patients. They love her positive attitude, her infectious laugh, and the way she brightens their day. She is sensitive to their holistic needs, not just to their wound or stoma. I am so thankful to have Pam on my team!