Peggy Abner
January 2019
OrthoIndy Hospital
United States




While in the hospital for knee replacement surgery, I was very sad because my sister couldn't be with me as planned. She was coming from South Carolina when the hurricane hit. I was alone, nervous, in pain and feeling a little abandoned. Peggy Abner noticed, told me I was not alone, and the nursing staff would take extra good care of me. Whenever she came in, she talked to me like a friend, asking about kids, hobbies, etc. She made me feel like someone truly cared about my emotional wellbeing, not just my physical needs. Although all the nurses are great, I felt Peggy was outstanding!
I just wanted to let you know what good care Peggy gave me. She stayed with me all night; she made me feel secure. I did not want for anything. She is a very warm and caring person. She was always checking on me. She truly portrays what a nurse is!
Peggy was very kind while maintaining her professionalism. She was considerate of my sleep while performing everything that needed to be done for my care. She helped me understand what I could and could not do. She responded quickly and with a nice degree of humor.