Rosamma Abraham
December 2020
Wound Care - Support Service Specialist
King Saud University Medical City - King Khalid University Hospital




Rosamma helped me to overcome my deep wound pain by showing compassion.
I would like to thank Rosamma deeply for everything she offered to me. She treated me nicely and gently. She helped me to overcome my deep wound pain by showing compassion and hope while taking good care of me. I don't know how to reward her. I just want to say thank you so much and I would like to nominate her for this award for showing her dedication and hard work to her profession.
I gave birth through Cesarean section but unfortunately lost my baby. Wound dressing was done by Nurse Rosamma and I received the best care and reassurance to cope with the situation by seeing it in a positive way and that I will have another baby. I was depressed regarding what happened and the nurse gave me a very good outlook on life. I always tell the story of how the nurse took good care of me not just by healing my wound but also by healing my feelings inside. That's why I nominate this nurse whom I will never forget.