December 2018
Intensive Care Unit
Methodist Texsan Hospital
San Antonio
United States




Every time Rose cares for my mom she finds new ways to help my mom, who's been in hospitals the past 6 weeks, positive progress health-wise. She not only watches my mom's blood pressure, oxygen, pulse, etc., like a hawk but also assists with adjusting her ventilator rate to strengthen my mom's lung capacity and improve her breathing rate. She's also able to put my mom at ease and found ways to make my mom comfortable. This has helped my mom almost immediately normalize her day to night sleep patterns, which is helping delirium.
After I had consistently been asking nurses to change our trach pad that was drenched in brown liquid without any prompt from me, Rose cleaned my mom's trach dressing and removed sutures she said were another source of irritation form my mom! Not even specialists caught that!
I first met Rose hours after my mom had risky mitral valve surgery; mom is 78 with poor kidney function, high blood pressure, and diabetes to name a few. Rose was constantly checking and adjusting the 10-plus meds my mom was on. At about 0430, my mom's level all started taking a turn for the worse. Rose asked how my family felt about dialysis; she always considerate of the patient and family concerns/needs. I told her we'd support the doctor's decision either way. She not only called the doctor but also the surgeon for direction and the surgeon immediately showed up in person and within an hour; my mother's vitals stabilized with no need for dialysis! Rose's fast-acting decision making from the first night on has helped my mom always her loving journey of health. Rose has also been a source of support to my mom and our entire family. Even my brother in Montana wants to meet her!