Samira Abu-Raya
January 2014
Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital
Downers Grove
United States




These are excerpts from a letter written by the daughter of an oncology patient who passed away in July. The daughter just now was able to write this letter.

"From the start, I always felt a sense of peace and relief knowing dad was in Samira's care. Sure there are wonderful nurses at Good Sam, but I never met anyone like Samira. I'll never forget the way my daddy's eyes both relaxed and lit up upon the sight of her beautiful face. I will always be grateful to her knowing I could go home when I needed to, leaving Daddy in her care. Knowing she would keep him comfortable and safe - all the while preserving what dignity he had left. . . I can say this: He loved Samira specifically, praised her (when he had words), and trusted her with every aspect of his care. . .He would say "awesome", "she is. . .awesome" and I knew he was talking about Samira."

Samira truly left a lasting impression on the family, and they will forever be grateful for the caring and friendship that developed.