Sandra Abusomwan
May 2015
Baylor Regional Medical Center at Plano
United States




Sandra has worked at Baylor Plano for 10 years. When most people are saying "TGIF," Sandra is just starting her week. She works nights and is a royal gem. I call her the "queen of IVs." She is bold and dynamic. She has a heart-warming smile. She is quick to hug. She knows everyone's birthdays. Sandra knows absolutely everything that is going on with all the patients. She is on our LEAN team. She participates in the annual cultural diversity fair. I vividly recall a patient we had right next to the nurses' station. He was with us about 3 weeks. The elderly wife and daughter were both extremely anxious. The lack of sleep led to some grouchiness. It was obvious that they needed a good night's sleep. They were afraid to leave the patient's bedside. Sandra told them one night, "Look, I'm not giving you the direct number to the nurses' station, I'm giving you the number to this cell phone I have right here in my pocket. You can call me and I will answer. I promise. You need to go home and sleep. I will call you or you can call me."

I just picture Sandra looking them in the eye. She speaks with confidence and has a genuine warmness. Her reassurance made a huge difference. She made a connection and they realized that we cared about the patient and them! I was present on a Monday afternoon when he died. His wife and daughter were accepting. They weren't anxious. They were at peace. They didn't want to leave until they hugged everyone good-bye. Unfortunately, Sandra was not there to receive hers.

Sandra is one of our angels on night shift. If I give report to Sandra, I know that all my patients are in excellent hands. I can't imagine her not being a nurse.