Scolastica Achinike
July 2019
Medical Unit
Midland Memorial Hospital
United States




Scolastica was nominated by an elderly patient's daughter for her compassionate care and excellent communication. Scolastica helped transition the patient to another floor in preparation for surgery. She took the time to go with the patient and family to the new floor and make introductions to the staff on that floor. Scolastica explained the processes, often repeating them in a way the patient would understand. She also worked diligently to listen to the patient's and family's needs and offer comfort during this extreme health challenge. The nominator said, "Scola was a complete angel in scrubs! She embraced our elderly mother with a contagious, positive, and uplifting energy! Our entire family fell in love and appreciates her skillful care and caring heart."
Scolastica's clinical managers say she is reliable and resourceful. She is willing to help anywhere, anytime and comes in to pick up shifts on all divisions. Scolastica takes time to connect with her patients on a personal level. She listens to their life accomplishments and gets to know them as a person and not just as her patient. She has even taken the time to follow up with patients she has cared for previously when they are re-admitted.
Patients have even come to the floor or called to let Scolastica know that they are in the hospital. This speaks highly of her personally, but also represents MMH and exemplifies our Mission, Vision, and Values. And above all else, Scolastica is a Godly person; she does not have to convey this - you can just sense it in her words, her touch, and in the care she delivers.
Because of Scolastica's compassionate and caring efforts, her patients experience a level of care that exemplifies the impact nurses have in creating an environment where patients and families feel at home.