Sharna Aaen
September 2016
Family Birth Center
Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center
United States




Sharna, my nurse upon arriving at the birthing center, was super helpful and went out of her way to make both me and my husband feel comfortable. She gave us extremely good guidance and was very good at her work. She placed the IV in my arm and got things set up prior to her shift ending. The next day she was assigned to me again. There were many complications during this shift and she made it a priority to be there by my side her entire shift. I had complications with a medication that caused my Blood Pressure to plummet and she was there the entire time monitoring and tracking to ensure I got all the care and help needed. During this time she was really helpful as I had a spell of lethargy due to medications. She was able to explain to doctors on my behalf much of what was happening as she saw me when I came in the prior day and how I was reacting on Saturday. The doctor felt it was important to have a neurologist come in as there were possible concerns for damage in the brain. The neurologist decided that I needed an MRI. Sharna was there the entire time for the MRI which made me feel comfortable as I had a recognizable face and voice in the room as my husband was required to sit in the waiting area. Shortly after the MRI I began to be my normal self and Sharna's shift soon ended.
During this turn of events my husband was extremely grateful to have someone there to answer any questions and take notes of signs and symptoms he saw that were unusual. I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Sharna was working on Monday and during one of her breaks, instead of taking time for herself, came to my room to see me and my little girl and make sure the staff and everyone was properly taking care of us. I don't know how I would have made it through Saturday as well as I did without her. She went way above and beyond to ensure my every little need was taken care of even when she didn't have to. We are extremely grateful for her kindness and want everyone to know what she meant to us during our time here. Thank you Sharna!"