Sharon Aikman
January 2019
IU Health Bloomington Hospice House
Indiana University Health Bloomington Hospital
United States




Anyone working in Hospice accepts that we are going to deal with death and dying on a daily basis. It is rare that we have to deal with the care of a dying infant. In July, we admitted a precious baby girl, not knowing exactly how much time this baby had because she was not expected to make it out of the hospital.
This sweet little girl managed to fit a lifetime of love into 7 1/2 very special weeks at home with her parents. Sharon Aikman was the RN on call the night the call came in, that this sweet little girl's journey was coming to an end. Sharon spent the majority of the night doing everything she could to get the baby's symptoms under control and to make her comfortable. Sharon provided comfort and support to the parents while her own heart was aching, watching this child die.
After many hours, Sharon was able to get the baby to a point where she was comfortable and peaceful. She set the stage for what would be one of the most beautiful deaths I have ever witnessed as a social worker. Sharon was able to give the family the gift of seeing their daughter's face for the first time without all the tubes. The baby was so peaceful that she was able to be passed around to all of her grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins so they could hold her and say goodbye. This sweet baby girl was able to pass so peacefully in the arms of her mother, because of the hours of hard work and dedication Sharon put into making this baby girl comfortable.
Sharon is a dedicated nurse who puts her heart into the care she gives her patients, no matter what the age. I am proud to work with her and to have her on our hospice team.