Sharon Bell
August 2019
A. Bell
Labor & Delivery
CHRISTUS St. Michael Health System
United States




My daughter had a long day of Labor and Delivery that begun early on Tuesday morning and did not culminate until Wednesday. Sharon's witty, funny yet caring personality made all the world of difference for my daughter, my mother-in-law, and myself.
Sharon entered the room with a smile, our questions were answered with a smile, and my daughter's care was given with a smile. Sharon made for our long days to be those of comforting, caring, compassionate, and very authentic. Sharon is a blessing to the L&D department.
Sharon exemplifies the four core values of CHRISTUS Health and does so very well. Sharon is very compassionate about what she does, the care she extends to her patients, and very, very authentic when answering questions the patient and/or family member has. Sharon does her job with excellence and a wonderful attitude. Sharon's bedside manners are outstanding, as I observed them, while she cared for my daughter.
Sharon also had a mentee with her during my daughter's time on Labor and Delivery. She was very thorough with her mentee as a mentor. Sharon made our two long days on L&D much better, upon her arrival to care for my daughter Wednesday. Sharon's friendliness and witty but funny personality made all the difference and such a blessing.