Sharon Mathieu

Sharon Mathieu

Sharon Mathieu, RN

3rd floor Medical Surgical Department
Broward Health Imperial Point
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
United States

My mother soiled her bed and I was astonished at how cheerful and matter of fact Sharon Mathieu was about the task she now had to perform.  Her attitude and work ethic are extraordinary.  She just smiled at my mom and said, “Don’t worry sweety, we’ll fix you right up!”  I had many other occasions to observe her helping us as well as other patients and their families. 

Always smiling, running 100 miles per hour from task to task with aplomb and cheerfulness that helped my mood at a time I really needed it.  Sharon was a blessing to us as not just her nurse, but as a caregiver and liaison between us and the doctor.  Sharon is a golden star on the staff at Imperial Point. I’ve never seen a better nurse!


This is Sharon's 2nd DAISY Award!