Shazia Ahmed
August 2017
Labor and Delivery
Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center
United States




Shazia is a caregiver, communicator, patient advocate and decision maker. She is the hand-holder, the voice of reason. She is the calming voice when an emergency occurs. She is the familiar face full of compassion. Shazia handles the unpredictable chaos with the utmost agility, grace, and professionalism. Thank you, Shazia for your kindness, dedication and a healing touch.
I thank you for providing an empathetic hand when chaos occurs. I thank you for being a rock when waters get rough.
A poem that describes Shazia: NURSE
N is for notable and willing to share
U is for understanding, she really cares
R is for reliable - right from the start
S is for sincere, with a loving heart
E is for energetic, so much to behold.