Sheila Adams
March 2014
Trinity Mother Frances Hospitals and Clinic
United States




Nomination received June 2013:

Sheila was very helpful in making all my procedures go smoothly. She made the procedures as painless as possible. She has a wonderful cheerful attitude and bedside manner. Trinity Mother Frances has GREAT NURSING STAFF! J.B. patient

Nomination received July 2013:

This spring, as a coworker, Sheila and I were caring for a patient, he wanted to listen to country western music. We were having a tough time finding a country western station on the radio so Sheila let him listen to Pandora on her iPhone. He was singing along with every word of each country song that played. He has Cerebral Palsy and Mental Retardation and his guardian was not with him that day. He was hungry and he was by himself. He did not understand what was going on and he needed some friends. I was glad to be a part of this special young man's day in our nursing unit. Allowing this patient to use her iPhone was such a blessing to both the patient and all the nurses working that day. I am truly blessed to be able to work with such a super coworker. C.B. Co-worker

Nomination received January 2014:

Sheila is an amazing and caring nurse. In the past, she would visit the Cardiovascular Intensive Care unit regularly to prepare our heart and lung surgery patients for their upcoming surgery. When I was given the opportunity to create a pre-operative nurse position in the Louis & Peaches Owen Heart Hospital at Trinity Mother Frances, Sheila was chosen to help train me for this specialized role. She spent an entire week with me, and provided me with the tools I needed to get started with my new role. She showed me organizational skills, ways to improve my technical skills and techniques, accurate and time saving documentation hints, as well as ways to improve my time management. She remained very patient and understanding while giving me the training and instruction that would aid me in caring for preoperative heart and lung patients in the future. After spending a week with her, she reassured and encouraged me, and told me to call her anytime with questions.

I called her multiple times, on a daily basis, with questions for several of the following weeks. She was always the cheerful voice on the other end of the line offering me calm in the middle of the storm. I realized that I had come to respect this nurse very much for her work ethic, determination, and loyalty to her patients and coworkers. She is always willing to help. At any time I know that I can call her and she will help me in any way that she can, whether it be with starting an IV on a patient that is a "hard stick" or helping to fully prepare a patient for surgery when our unit is busy.

Sheila continues to be a blessing to me and the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit by being available, caring, and compassionate while providing care to her patients. All this while providing excellent care to her patients in the Pre-anesthesia unit as well, which remains her home. She is an outstanding asset to Trinity Mother Frances, and carries herself with dignity while maintaining amazing compassion for the patients, families and coworkers that are lucky enough to know her. Thank you for all that you have done for me, my unit, and our patients. J.B. Co-worker