Shelby Akins
October 2020
Emergency Department
Baptist Memorial Hospital - Union County
New Albany
United States




My husband was in an extremely agitated state from urinary blockage. Shelby put my husband's information into the computer with amazing speed. She got a wheelchair and swiftly put us in a ER cubicle, quickly did an ultrasound of his bladder and found it so full there wasn’t enough registration on the machine. She left for about 20 seconds, came back with a catheter kit and explained in a very compassionate way that he needed this to drain his bladder. She had a young nurse in training with her. They quickly inserted the catheter and my husband had instant relief (1200ccs). Since we were seeing our urologist the following week, we kept the catheter on for home. This was a weekend event. A doctor came in to speak to us and explained about keeping the catheter for home. Shelby came back with a paper to sign and we were able to leave. Great, fast help. Best trip to ER we’ve ever had. Shelby was efficient, compassionate, kind intelligent, and eager to help. Very impressive!