Sheyn Abreu
July 2020
NCH Healthcare System
United States




Shortly after turning 21, I was in the hospital for several days with an infection in my bone causing a flare-up of trigeminal neuralgia. I was in a lot of pain and feeling very alone because my parents were unable to visit due to the pandemic. I had an amazing team of doctors and people helping me, but Sheyn, who was a nurse I was lucky enough to have for several nights, stood out.
Sheyn went above and beyond caring for me in the physical (pain management, meds) as well as genuinely talking to me to make me feel better as a whole in any way she could and making me feel like I really had an advocate there. I am a recent nursing grad and I can say that she embodies the level of care that I intend to strive for with my future patients. Even though my time spent in the hospital was not the most favorable, I can say with certainty that Sheyn made a significant difference at that time, and I will remember her and the other kind people who cared like her.
A perfect example of Sheyn is the other day volunteering to take an admission just after another. She's always volunteering to do stuff. Even after suggesting no, she insisted. She's non-stop helping everyone. She spends more time with patients than anyone. Her bedside manner is top shelf. An amazing nurse! I wish everyone we worked with could be just like her!