Suzanne Chrystle M Abdon
June 2021
Outpatient Department
Al Hada Armed Forces Hospital
Saudi Arabia




I've witnessed how Nurse Zane consoles and gives solace to the mother at the unit every time she tries to hide her pain
We have this female patient 1 year and 7months with monthly admission for IV Immunoglobulin transfusion as being diagnosed with hypogammaglobulinemia with bronchial asthma. The patient’s associated signs and symptoms are cough, bronchitis, ear infections, meningitis, pneumonia, sinus, and skin infections that can damage organs and lead to severe complications thus putting her parents into apprehensive anxiety because of their child's condition. I've witnessed how Nurse Zane consoles and gives solace to the mother at the unit every time she tries to hide her pain. With all the tears caused by the suffering of their baby, she will always reassure them, giving the mother strength and courage. I saw how she gave a comforting hug to the mother. I was deeply touched by her gesture (how much it gives relief to the mother). HUG. This is definitely one of the most powerful comforting ways to cast down their heavy-hearted feelings. Zane is always trying her best to make the parents have that inner peace. Her words always soothe the worried mother. She never fails also to put a gracious smile on the face of an innocent baby every time that the doctor orders for admission. She can even manage to offer lullabies and even give some toys to the child to cover up the feeling of being gloomy. Her empathy for the family is overwhelming. I cannot forget every time they will look for her presence whenever they were in the hospital. I see how she gives them peace. I feel the love that she is giving to the patient and family.

No wonder why all the doctors and patients being handled by Nurse Zane in the unit are attached to her because of her real compassion. She does not complain at all despite the heavy workload. The universe is in need of nurses like her. She's inspirational. She is definitely like a rainbow to everyone's heavy rain in life. Her wisdom is explicit. Her skills and attitude are indeed praiseworthy. She is like a star that will always shine because of her goodness to her colleagues and patients. Zane's inner beauty radiates to everyone in the unit. This makes everyone look up and admire her because of her brimming optimism and immeasurable flexibility skills.