September 2014
Clement J. Zablocki VA Medical Center
United States




...Sylvia was so great with my husband. She did every "ICARE" principles and then some. She never treated us as her job, but as her family. The dignity she always gave my husband, always thanking him for serving not only in the Army but the Air Force. He always felt better when she came into his room. She would listen to him talk and talk about our 2 grandkids, she even remembered their names. She would always take time to hug us. She's so kind an understanding. February 26th I lost my husband to cancer - all I could do is remember what Sylvia said as we were getting ready to go home by ambulance. She said "God will take care of you both - you're going to be just fine." God sent Sylvia to us. I believe she was our Angel. I know my husband is in Heaven - because of Sylvia. God only sends his best Angels - and I thank God every day sending Sylvia to us.