Tahani Al Enazi
March 2023
Al Enazi
Female Surgical
Security Forces Hospital - Riyadh
Saudi Arabia




Tahani's advocacy saved the life of the patient.
Tahani is the Head Nurse of a Surgical Unit, where she and her staff provide pre- and post-operative patient care. She was checking the patients when she observed swelling and shortness of breath on the post-operative side of a patient who had undergone parathyroidectomy. Tahani needed a surgeon immediately, so she assigned a staff member to care for the patient and left her unit to find one. She located a surgical consultant who evaluated the patient, and another surgical consultant arrived shortly afterward.

When the wound was exposed, active bleeding was detected. Therefore, it was determined to return the patient to the operating theatre for a wound exploration. This intervention enhanced the patient's condition and prevented serious surgical complications. Tahani's advocacy saved the life of the patient.