November 2018
Oregon Health & Science University
United States
Lauren Acrich, RN
Nazanin Ali Marandi Ghoddousi, RN
Madeline Andrews, RN
Shanna Austin, RN
Torie Barnard, RN
Adrianne Braun, RN
Bette Bsoul, RN
Sharon Caddy, RN
Alice Clark, RN
Whitney Cole, RN
Cristian Dan, RN
Elona Dellabough-Gormley, RN
Rachel East, RN
Elizabeth Franke, RN
Scarlett Gross, RN
Mary Importico, RN
Alisha Jones, RN
Kartar Khalsa, RN
Elizabeth Kilty, RN
Nicole Klenk,RN
Elliott Koivisto, RN
Dario LaPoma, RN
Darren LeBlanc, RN
Tracey Lew, RN
Sarah Marks, RN
Cathy Skinner, RN
Kristen Thorsvik, RN
Sarah Urias, RN
Kiah VanGorder, RN
Kelsey White-Davis, RN
Whittney Wike, RN
David Wilken, RN
Celena Ackerman, RN
Lisa Ball, RN
Jennifer Caldwell, RN
Meghan Calhoon, RN
Jennifer Cary, RN
Lauren Collison, RN
Rachel Creel, RN
Natalie DeNault, RN
Amanda Folnsbee, RN
Marisa Fox, RN
Madeleine Garrett, RN
Emily Grami, RN
Mackenzie Hegland, RN
Evan Heslop, RN
Cassie Hwa, RN
Sidney Johnson, RN
Anne Kelly, RN
Sheri Lavadour, RN
Jason Lehman, RN
Jaylene Leinbach, RN
Michelle Maddox, RN
Madison Marshall, RN
Shay Miles, RN
Hailey Page, RN
Brianna Prachar, RN
Jazmin Ratcliff, RN
Baylor Shaw, RN
Bethany Sherman, RN
Lindsey Sipos, RN
Teresa Tangonan, RN
Debra Vitorelo, RN
Miho Walker, RN
Janna Williams, RN




There are two stories:
"We have never experienced a more warm, caring, and loving environment. Every nurse did an exceptional job in their care of my mother and always asked us if we needed anything. I will always give glowing praise to everyone I meet at how we were treated at OHSU. You can be very proud of your staff!"

"I am a homeless IV drug user. I usually get treated as such in my experience at the hospital. Even though drug use is a health concern and is not a wise practice for a healthy lifestyle, I was diagnosed and treated with respect for the 6 weeks I stayed. Every nurse that cared for me was kind, respectful and mindful. I could only imagine the stress of dealing with sick people not to mention risk to one's own physical health being around some of the people that I have seen up in here during my stay. (gosh).
Words are not my strong suit and giving compliments is out of character as well, but with free healthcare, legal weed, and place called OHSU, I am better. Thank you."