Temi Akinwekomi
May 2019
Indiana University Health West Hospital
United States




I work as a PA in the Cath Lab/IR lab and frequently interact with the nurses in the APU area as they both prepare and recover our patients for procedure. They always go out of their way to take care of and look out for our patients, but today, Temi truly went above and beyond.
Last week, a young woman had to come in to have a biopsy. Temi met her after another nurse informed her that she too was from Africa. Temi spent time with her that day in recovery, talking with her and her husband about their kids, families, and her situation. The patient was so appreciative of her being there and being able to befriend Temi.
Unfortunately, the results of her biopsy were not what they had hoped for, and she had to come back in today to have another procedure. When I walked into the APU room to talk with the patient about the procedure, I saw Temi. Temi was not scheduled to work today. The two have been talking since their meeting. She had mentioned to Temi that she did not have a way to get to and from the hospital for her procedure today, as her husband has to watch their three young children. Without hesitation, Temi picked up and drove her to and from the procedure. She was here to help answer her questions and support her in a time of uncertainty and worry. I could tell in her eyes and her demeanor that Temi's presence has been of tremendous help to her during this process.
I've always known Temi is wonderful but this was truly heartwarming.