Teri Abernathy
October 2015
Cardiopulmonary Care Unit
Bon Secours Memorial Regional Medical Center
United States




Teri is a newer nurse to Memorial Regional Medical Center but she has shown an incredible amount of dedication and commitment to providing quality care to her patients. Last week, Teri was assigned to a patient she knew outside of work. The patient was unfortunately progressing to end of life care and Teri was there with the patient and his family.
Teri was asked if she wanted to have a different assignment but she said "no" because she knew that it was something that she needed to do. She was grieving herself for the upcoming death of a family friend, yet she managed to take care of this patient and help transition him into hospice care.
Teri attended the funeral and continued to show support to this family. She really stepped up and fulfilled the Mission of Bon Secours by being good help to this patient and family. The family truly appreciated being cared for by someone they trusted. Teri's compassionate care and respect shown to this patient exhibits the great nursing care that Bon Secours has become known for.