Toni Abnett
March 2017
Bariatric Unit
Miami Valley Hospital
United States




The best nurse I had was Toni! She always kept a smile on her face and kept me and my family comfortable. I could not have asked for a better nurse and I thank you for sending her to my room. She was the reason I enjoyed my stay!
Toni is so great! She is funny and caring. She goes out of her way for her patients. She is so super nice.
My grandmother was admitted to your unit after a fall. On her second day, she became more confused and terrified at night. Her nurse Toni was awesome! She assisted us in covering up things that scared her and even pulled up a chair and stayed for a long time charting and all the while talking to my grandmother to distract her from her fears. Toni was an absolute Godsend to all of us. When sleep finally found Granny, Toni brought us warm blankets to help us rest while we stayed in the room. She constantly checked on us and did everything she could to take care of Granny like we would.
Toni is a "Rock Star" nurse and we thank her so much!
I have great respect for all nurses. What they do on a daily basis is simply wonderful. I can honestly say I never met a more compassionate and caring nurse as Toni. She bent over backward for us. She even hugged me several times while I was so worried about her patient, my son. She is an amazing asset to this hospital. She deserves to be recognized for the great job she does! Thank you, Toni!