Whitney Weaver
February 2023
Pediatric Unit
St. George Regional Hospital
St. George
United States




Thank you, Whitney, for helping me change my son's future!
My 15-year-old son had a mental health emergency.  He was self-harming with the intent of taking his life.  I reached out to the crisis line and the SMR Team.  They referred me to the ED and I was so nervous.  I thought they were going to laugh and send me away.  I thought I was going to be met with a lot of judgment.  We were at the ED for a few hours and then sent to the pediatric unit for 4 days while a bed became open for my son at Wasatch Canyons.  I spent those 4 days in the pediatric unit with him.  I only went home to sleep.  I am a single mom with 2 other kids at home and have worked really hard to make sure my kids all have what they need to be mentally and physically healthy...this wasn't supposed to be my life. All of the nurses in the pediatric unit were amazing and became my therapists and friends while I was there.  Whitney went above and beyond.  She spent time reassuring me that I was doing what was best for my son, praising me for being an involved parent, teaching me about mental health (giving me resources), and answering every question I had while I was there.  She was very honest with my son, who felt like it was a waste of time being in the Pediatric Unit because he wasn't getting any help.  She told him that it wasn't ideal and that his feelings were valid because all they were doing was keeping him safe, but they were working so hard to get him to a facility to help him.  She showed up one afternoon with a bag of his favorite snacks (that she bought on her personal time) for his ambulance ride to Salt Lake.  She was honest and kind, soft spoken and knowledgeable about what we were going through.  My son even asked for a hug from her before he left for Salt Lake. Because of her, those 4 days were bearable and she gave me the confidence I needed to get my son the help he desperately needed.  He was at Wasatch Canyons for a week and has been home for a few days.  I am so grateful for everyone at IHC who helped us.  My son has a long road ahead of him but has made so much progress and I am so grateful to Whitney for being so involved in our lives as humans.  I never felt like any of the nurses were there for the paycheck...I felt like my son (and I) were real humans who were really cared about. THANK YOU, WHITNEY, for helping me change my son's future!