Xu Aike
November 2019
IVF Clinic
Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital, School of Medicine, Zhejiang University
Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province




SRRSH IVF Clinic is always very busy. Couples come to the Clinic with the hope of having their own children. As we all known, the IVF process is complicated and some women may suffer a lot. They could be so disappointed if it fails. Sometimes they felt hopeless. At those times, nurses at IVF Clinic are there for them, and Xu Aike is one of them.
A woman from India, who could not read Chinese, wrote the DAISY letter in English to nominate Xu Aike. She wrote: "I visited you in 2017, and two years later I was lucky enough to be a mother of two kids. You have been kind and attentive to the patients. You have worked through difficult times and hardships. You were instrumental in uploading and raising the hospital's patient care standards. Without you, we would not receive the care and well-being. Thank you for your excellent service and support!"
Another woman spent two years at Clinic, who experienced three artificial inseminations, two IVFs and biochemical pregnancy. During those tough days, it was Xu Aike who let her believe the life could be easy and happy. Aike talked to her nicely. Besides professional education, sometimes Aike told her that the coat really suited her. When she was going to give up, Aike called to prepare her for second procedure. Also, Aike waited for her and consulted her in the clinic room. Aike's professionalism and empathy truly brought her hope and helped her to persist. And now, she has two eight-month babies.
Life is difficult, and life is easier with Aike's caring! Thanks!