Zakina Cetic
January 2016
Paliative Care
University of Virginia Health System
United States




Zakina was so kind to both me and my parents. She patiently answered our numerous questions and frequently checked in on me during infusions as I had had an adverse reaction to one of the prescribed antibiotics. After finding out that I would be going home with IV antibiotics, Zakina demonstrated several times how to flush my PICC line. She made sure that I was aware of all of the supplies I would need to keep my PICC line clean. On the day of my discharge, she repeatedly checked to make sure things were on track and kept us informed of the timeline. She took the time to follow-up on items that seemed to be at a standstill as it was getting late in the day. I had explained to her that my father was anxious about getting home due to his difficulty to see when driving at night. She took time to ask about my medical condition. I was very happy when I awoke on my second day on 3E to see that she was again on duty. I knew that I would be well cared for while I awaited discharge.
Zakina's obvious concern for my health following my adverse reaction and her willingness to share her knowledge of how best to care for my PICC line made me more confident in my ability to complete my infusion procedures on my own. I was less overwhelmed when the home health agency arrived for my first home infusion, as Zakina had taken the time to model and explains the procedure to me multiple times, as well as explaining why each component of pre- and post-infusion care was crucial to my continued recovery.