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Frances Wilson

Receiving the DAISY Award was a true surprise and incredible honor because nurses, including myself, do not always know the power of the impact that they have on the patients and families that they have the honor and privilege to care for and advocate for. Being recognized by patients and families is the highest honor that a nurse can receive. I value and appreciate this award and support the mission of this important program.

Timi Trust

As both a DAISY Award Honoree and a Coordinator, my journey with DAISY has been one of true joy and pride! I am so proud to have been honored myself for just doing what I love to do and now being in the position of providing that care and recognition to others means everything to me!

Karla Martalock

Receiving a DAISY Award and then a Team DAISY Award has been the greatest honor of my career. Being nominated by patients who are the reason that I come to work for everyday means so much. The Team DAISY was so special because of the other nurses who received it along side me. They are amazing nurses and human-beings and I have the utmost respect for them. DAISY is an extremely special award and experience.

Amber Semenza

It was an incredible and unexpected honor to receive the DAISY Award. The patient who nominated me was very generous. I really feel he received the same standard of care from me as he would have from any of the wonderful nurses that I work with. It still felt staggering to receive such recognition for my care. The sculpture was truly beautiful and everyone loved the cinnamon rolls. Thank you so much to The DAISY Foundation and to the family of J. Patrick Barnes.

Tamika Brown

The DAISY Award means I have potential, it is a great accomplishment that came by total surprise to me on my birthday! I was so shocked to receive the DAISY Award especially for doing what I love to do every time I show up to work. Being a registered nurse is my passion & I'm beyond elated to be recognized for doing what makes me feel good while giving others the care they deserve.

Robert Larson

The DAISY Award was a surprise to me. I had a young mother who had a child die in the hospital and her hospital visit brought back painful memories. I just shared things about myself and made her laugh. It is an honor to receive such an award!

Oanh Le

It's wonderful that our patient's family thanked us, but don't you agree that we get so much more out of taking care of them? We would like to thank them for allowing us to be so intimate in their family dynamics, showing us their sense of pride or rejection for the course they have endured or is about to go through. We thank them for showing us how mind boggling this so called life is. We learn so much from them. Each one of them has a story to tell us either with words or through total silence. Their physical being simply teach us some life lessons. For all these things through interactions with our clients, we thank them deeply for helping us to understand them a little more. We thank them for sharing their intimate stories with us. Most importantly, we thank them for trusting in our medical decisions and for entrusting in us to advocate for them.

Michele Winters

I truly enjoy being the DAISY Coordinator for our hospital. It feels great when we give an award to a deserving nurse and they get teary eyed during the award ceremony. Thank you for letting me be a part of this wonderful foundation!  I am working hard to have a successful program in San Diego.

Maria Cristina Cabral Singh

"Just a touch of a healing hand can ease more than pain."

Virgie Lahera Navarrette, RN

"I will always be the nurse who made my patients smile, changed their sheets when they were wet or held their hand when no one else would- that is how I like to be remembered by my patients. This is one of the reasons why I was awarded the DAISY Award."