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Q: What does “DAISY” mean?

A: DAISY is an acronym for Diseases Attacking the Immune SYstem. The DAISY Foundation was formed in January, 2000, by the family of J. Patrick Barnes who died at age 33 of complications of Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP), an auto-immune disease.  Touched by the care and compassion of the nurses that took care of him, his family developed recognition programs to honor and celebrate direct care nurses, nursing faculty and nursing students.

Q: What is The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nursing Faculty?

A: The purpose of this program is to provide international recognition for academic institutions or hospitals to demonstrate appreciation to nursing faculty for their commitment and inspirational influence on students. The DAISY Foundation hopes that this program will contribute to a positive work environment and encourage nursing faculty to continue teaching future nurses.

Q: What is The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nursing Students?

A: Modeled after The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses, this recognition program is designed to highlight outstanding compassionate care provided to patients and families by nursing students when they are working in direct care.

Both programs are designed to be:

  • A partnership to provide on-going recognition to nursing faculty and nursing students.
  • Flexible so that the award may be tailored to align with culture, mission and values.
  • A simple-to-implement initiative with The DAISY Foundation providing most everything you need to run the program.

Q: Who Runs the Program(s), the School of Nursing or the Hospital?

A: Typically, the school of nursing, however hospitals can sponsor the program(s).  Hospitals can sponsor the programs at the schools who do their clinical rounding in their facility or honor students and faculty in the hospital where they are practicing/teaching.

Q: What is meant by “on-going recognition?”

A:  The work of nursing faculty and students goes on all year long in classrooms and in clinical settings. Recognition throughout the year, every year keeps the great work they are doing top of mind.

Q: When should we present the Awards?

A: Please consider honoring your faculty and/or students at each graduation, pinning ceremony, convocation, faculty retreat/planning meeting, and other events.  You might even surprise a faculty member or student during a class or in the hospital setting.

Q: What is the cost?

A: The cost of the program is based on the number of Awards you present each year. Faculty Awards are $135 each, DAISY Student Awards, $110 each. We ask that you determine up-front the number of Awards per year you will present. You will be invoiced on an annual basis.

Q:  How is a faculty member or student chosen to receive the Award?

A: The Award is given based on criteria you establish in alignment with your school’s values. (We are happy to share criteria by schools of nursing participating in the program.) The Award should be merit-based and honor not only great teaching skill and leadership but also a commitment to instilling strong patient care and compassion in their students (Faculty). The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nursing Students should also be merit-based, honoring not only great clinical skill but also strong patient care and compassion.

Q:  Who can nominate?

A: Faculty and students may be nominated by anyone who comes in contact with them. In the academic setting: peers, students, administrative staff, alumni.  In the clinical setting: nurses, patients, physicians, nurse managers, preceptors. Nominations include specific stories of Faculty impact as exemplary educators and role models and capture the commitment, compassion and connection to patients and families demonstrated by your nursing students. Nominations are blinded to remove any bias.

Q:  Who generally coordinates the program at the school?

A: This is your decision. Consider:

  • A group of nursing students (Student Nurses Association)
  • Joint committee of students and faculty
  • Faculty and representatives of the Dean’s office
  • Existing DAISY committee at DAISY partner hospital

Q:  What does a faculty member or student who is honored with the Award receive?

A: DAISY Faculty Award Honorees receive:

  • The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Faculty Certificate, presented in a handsome portfolio and signed by The DAISY Foundation,  the school’s Dean and if a hospital is sponsoring also signed by the CNO. It reads: To honor your exceptional impact on your students and your inspirational influence on their future.                          
  • A DAISY Faculty Award pin
  • A unique, hand-carved serpentine stone sculpture from Zimbabwe, entitled "A Healer's Touch." 
  • A Spotlight page on our website, featuring a photo and telling the story of why this faculty member was honored.

DAISY Student Honorees receive:

  • A certificate, signed by The DAISY Foundation, the school's Dean and if a hospital is sponsoring, also signed by the CNO.
  • A DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nursing Student pin 
  • A unique, hand-carved serpentine stone sculpture from Zimbabwe, entitled "A Healer's Touch."  This is a smaller version of the sculpture DAISY Faculty Honorees receive.
  • A Spotlight page on our website, featuring a photo and telling the story of why this student was honored

Q: How do I get started?

A: The first step is to request information here.  We will then be in touch to answer questions and scheduled an introductory webinar. Once the decision is made to move forward, you can complete our commitment form and click submit.  Upon receipt, we will mail our welcome kit, which is a detailed guide to planning and implementing the program. The DAISY Foundation staff will work closely with your DAISY team to bring the program to life, including an invitation to join our Welcome Webinar at a date and time that works for your committee.  We will be eager to help you get ready to make your first DAISY Award presentation.

Q:  What if I have more questions?

A:   If you have additional questions about The DAISY Academic Awards, please contact your Regional Program Director.


Thank you again for your interest! We look forward to talking with you.